Vehicle Registration Plates

We are the leading global distributor of Nikkalite® Vehicle Registration Plate sheeting.


Tested and compliant to global industry Standards.

Ability to incorporate advanced security features.

Unmatched customer focus.

Extensive knowledge and expertise.

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Rennicks has over 40 years experience providing cutting edge vehicle registration plate solutions to leading registration plate manufacturers in UK, Europe, and beyond. Nikkalite® reflective products are complemented by a range of vehicle registration plate components including overlaminate, double sided tape and PET/ acrylic plates.

Nikkalite® Reflective Sheeting

Highly receptive to print and hologram applications. Suitable for flat and embossed plates, and supplied in a range of finishes.

  • Compliant to BSAU145e and relevant International standards including U.S.
  • Enclosed glass bead sheeting
  • Highly receptive to both print and hologram applications
  • Available with sub surface print (up to 5 colours), laser etching security marks
  • Suitable for flat and embossed plates
  • Sheeting supplied in a range of finishes, widths, formats
  • Direct shipment or ex stock.

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Security Features

Rennicks Nikkalite® reflective sheeting can incorporate a range of overt and covert security features including 3D laser etching, multidirectional laser water marking, batch control identification, 3D holographic images.

Overlaminate, DS Tape and PET/ Acrylic plates

  • C6030G is a one-sided, coated PVC overlaminate which is highly weather and UV resistant available in a range of widths, tested to Standards.
  • The double-sided tape is pure acrylic, tested to Standards.
  • Injection moulded plates, with chamfered edges, available with added featured such as moulded holes, company logos, security etchings.

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Global supply positions with corresponding test results to meet local standards

We deliver compliance and performance to international standards.

Vehicle Registration Plate Standards

  • BSAU145e (UK)
  • EQUS9600534A (FR)
  • ISO 7591/CalCaoast (USA)
  • Mercosul No.780 (BR)
  • SANS 1116 (SA)
  • SI 5327 ( IL)

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