Vehicle Conspicuity

Cutting-edge road safety products and technologies that provide outstanding visibility for vehicles in all weather conditions.


High performance that exceed industry standards

Exceptional conspicuity night and day

All weather conditions

Flexible and durable

Never compromise fleet safety

Rennicks Nikkalite® premium conspicuity materials offer the Emergency and Highways Service Fleet market a comprehensive product range that delivers outstanding visibility in all weather and light conditions.

Nikkalite® Reflective Sheeting

Premium range of high performance microprismatic and enclosed glass bead retroreflective sheeting.

  • High performance microprismatic and enclosed glass bead retroreflective sheeting for the:
    • Emergency services vehicle sector, fully compliant with HOSDB 14/04
    • Chapter 8 market (rear vehicle chevrons) that complies with specification R3B of BS EN12899-1:2007
    • Commercial sector, enhancing company branding both in daylight and at nighttime
  • A range of high performance materials for all light conditions.
  • Durable, weather resistant and flexible materials that are easy to apply to the contours of a vehicle.
  • Up to 10 years warranty.

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Ian Thomas

Business Development Manager

Ian is Rennicks’ Business Development Manager and Vehicle Conspicuity specialist, having worked in the industry for 28 years, representing some of the leading market providers and developing award-winning products and practices that help make our roads safer.