At Rennicks, our purpose is to keep all road users safe, secure and informed.

Our range of products, systems and solutions make each journey safer, every day, for road users around the world.

Our offering spans Nikkalite® retroreflective sheeting for traffic and vehicle registration plate applications, cutting edge intelligent transport systems, sustainable power units and active travel solutions. These premium, accredited products and solutions reflect our unmatched levels of quality, service and expertise.

At Rennicks, we go beyond, setting the standard for the smarter use of road networks; leading the way and driving the future of traffic and network technology forward.

We are the leading global distributor of Nikkalite® Vehicle Registration Plate sheeting.
Explore our range of temporary and permanent signage solutions for motorways, high-speed roads, towns, cities and commercial premises.
A range of fixed & mobile technologies which enable highway operators to keep workers & users safe and informed.
Cutting-edge road safety products and technologies that provide outstanding visibility for vehicles in all weather conditions.
Products and solutions which enable authorities to create a safe space to encourage more commuters to walk, wheel and cycle during their journeys.