New Guidance Published by Artsm Specifying Surface Treatments for Road Traffic Signs

In this video, our Group Technical Manager, Sean Coffey, demonstrates the properties of two specialised overlaminates – Nikkalite Dewtect, and Nikkalite Anti-Graffiti Protective Overlay – Ideal for road signs.
Nikkalite Dewtect Dew Resistant Sheeting First, Sean demonstrated the effects of Nikkalite Dewtect Dew Resistant Sheeting. Dewtect consists of a standard overlaminate coated with a specially formulated hydrophilic layer. This layer is receptive to water droplets such that in dew conditions or in rain, the droplets spread out over the surface of the sign to form an even membrane of water. This membrane has the effect of optimising sign visibility even in the worst weather. It also has the effect that a plane of water forms on the surface, which flows down and off the sign, entirely negating the need for sign cleaning. With dew resistant sheeting, you will have zero cost for sign maintenance, due to its self-cleaning properties. Click here for more information on our Dewtect Dew Resistant Sheeting. Nikkalite Anti-Graffiti Protective Overlay Film Next, Sean demonstrated the effects of Nikkalite Anti-Graffitti Protective Overlay. “Nikkalite Anti-Graffiti is designed to have a hydrophobic Teflon like effect with the additional fluoride compounds which enhance its durability and resilience. Adhesive flyers and stickers come right off the sign without any effort. It is extremely difficult for any adhesive to form a bond with the surface. This is especially useful in urban areas where advertising flyers and stickers are prevalent. In this instance, removing the sticker from standard overlay, removed the entire overlay and print surface beneath. Sean also conducted a marker test using an oil based permanent marker. Using dry tissue, it was easy to remove the marks from the surface of the anti-graffiti overlay with little effort. It was impossible to remove the marks from the sign with standard overlay. Click here for more information on our Dewtect Dew Resistant Sheeting. Rennicks Dewtect and Anti-Graffiti are the gold standard overlaminates for their respective applications. Rennicks has provided these to UK customers for over 20 years, which is why they’re the most trusted overlaminates on the market today. For more information on our Nikkalite specialised overlaminates, please contact us on 01928 579 966.

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