Vehicle Activated Sign 1

Technical Specifications for Vehicle Activated Sign 1:

• Can be Solar or Mains powered ( although Solar option is more popular because there is generally no power source available).

• Signs / Radar housed in Road Traffic Grey coloured IP65 box, mounted on poles specific to the actual location.

• Symbol coloured in Amber coloured LED outer Diamond and actual graphic is finished in White LEDs.

• Text Box showing messaging finished in Red LED, and can display multiple pages in English / Irish.

• Options for a second graphic panel showing speed limit on road way available.

• Fitted with photosensor to reduce LED intensity at night time.

• Can be configured to upload Road Data (ADDT, Speed percentiles) to on a monthly basis. So traffic data from the road can be obtained.

Product Description

Vehicle Activated Sign 1

Rennicks Vehicle Activated Sign 1 (VAS) and  Driver Feedback Signs have been developed in conjunction with our Customers country wide, the VAS sign is designed to be used in Low Cost Accident prevention schemes.

Like our Driver feedback Signs, the sign is fitted with a Dopplar Radar but instead of showing the actual physical speed of the vehicle, we use the speed of the vehicle to activate a symbol displaying the actual hazard ahead.